More pink tie dye

pink tie dye shirt with scattered daisies

Please excuse the silly look on my face. Rich told me I looked too serious. An old white shirt freshened up with pink on pink tie dye and then embellished across one shoulder with a little daisy rubber stamp using fabric inks. And a little frog hiding in the daisies at the hip.

rubber stamp with fabric ink on tie dye shirt rubber stamped frog and daisies embellish tie dye shirt

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  1. Kathy Keiser’s avatar

    It’s a beautiful color! I love the Tshirt, and you look very good in it.

  2. Janet  Dulin’s avatar

    I love your T shirt and I think you look great. What a great idea for white T’s that have become a little gray. Janet

  3. DH’s avatar

    I agree with Annie. :-)

  4. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

    Love it!

  5. livnletlrn’s avatar

    Ah, such fun! Glad to see you’re on the Rav Barter group, as I was going to suggest that in response to your ISO message on NETA.

  6. annie’s avatar

    sweet! and you look as lovely as can be.

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