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rahbo (as used by the girl)

the proper thing to say while clapping after watching ballet on YouTube

We all know the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” But consider it this way—practice makes—period. (Okay, I have no idea how to correctly punctuate that thought.)

Today I was struck with the thought that since I started disciplining myself to follow the idea of “better done than perfect” I have accomplished a lot. I never like to waste anything so I always want my first try at anything to be useful, edible, whatever. But sometimes that means I spend far too much time fretting over the details before I actually get started. Rather than trying to make the first try perfect, I have gone ahead and just tried. And in doing so I have freed myself to try again sooner. That in and of itself is energizing. Granted, it helps that a lot of the projects I’ve been doing lately have been done entirely with materials I already have in the house. So I’m not spending any money or wasting anything, rather I’m reclaiming it from dust collecting status. Not only do I have more finished projects, I’m learning from those and immediately pouring the learning into the next try. All in far less time than I have usually taken to complete the first try. And the quality of the results? Perfectly usable for the most part.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m never going to attain perfection in any area. But now I’m attempting to apply that knowledge to the attitude with which I do everyday tasks. I haven’t changed my goals, just made an agreement with myself to value each step along the way as much as the end goal itself.

I’m not really saying anything new here. Just reminding myself. ;)

My left thumb is in deep distress, has been for at least a week. I don’t think I’ve been abusing it but I haven’t necessarily babied it either. I have unexplained stiffness in my hands. Last fall it was worst in my right index finger which seems like an obvious target for a repetitive movement injury considering I do a lot of crafting and computer work. It was bad enough I went to the doctor, no help.
Now it’s my left thumb. I’m right-handed but I do a lot with my left hand. I hadn’t realized how much. Not only is it affecting my crafting but it’s affecting my ability to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a far worse state of affairs. Take care of your hands.

smarshmallow (according to the girl)

  1. those little white things Nana puts in your hot chocolate
  2. white mushrooms
This is my new motto. Okay, it’s not that new, I think I’ve been trying it out for the last few months. And it’s working very well. Some people would say I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I don’t think so but my judgement is probably questionable. I am a procrastinator and I often find myself unable to finish a project not just because I don’t have time but because I can’t make a decision at some point or I’m afraid to mess something up. Making stuff with and for my kids has taught me that speed is sometimes much more important than accuracy!
  1. Yes, you can make a duck with just three Lego pieces. 
  2. If you wait more than two weeks to finish sewing those pants they’ll be too short by the time you get them on the kid.
  3. Minnie Mouse is just three circles and a bow. A bow is just two triangles. Try it with pancakes and jelly.

Spreckle (as defined by the boy and his sister)

  1. those marks on your skin left by the tops of your socks or your underwear
  2. can also refer to the wrinkles on your fingers and toes from being in the bathtub too long
  3. occasionally refers to polka dots

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